Saturday, November 7, 2009

How We Compost

I used to be just like Therese and Peter, never wasting a bit of food. That is until we started keeping laying hens. Now, we toss them the potato and carrot peels, sandwich crusts not eaten by our children's friends, eggshells, and even coffee grounds. In the old days, I would have felt guilty for not turning that last slice of bread into breadcrumbs. Now I just think about how that slice will turn into an egg.

Before: Scraps from cooking and meals.
Giving our chickens coffee grounds with the hopes of creating the first Egg McZoomZoom.

After: It took our girls 10 minutes to peck the ground clean.
We use this "composted" soil in our garden.

Nothing is wasted.


  1. Hey giving to the hens ain't wasting. It's repurposing!

  2. I whine periodically to Peter that I want chickens for our backyard but he is adamently against it. Reminds me that if we had chickens back there (it's only 20 x 40) we'd have no yard left. I'm sure he's right, but oh I envy you! And please, can we see a picture on the blog of Katharine in her wellies and with her egg basket, going to gather her eggs? She's unbearably sweet.

  3. We'd have no garden left; we don't have a yard.

  4. Unless you fence off your edibles, the chickens will devour everything. You could get two, build a little pen, toss them your weeds and rotted veggies and get a couple eggs each day. Once everything is harvested, let them loose to dig and snap up all the unwanted insects. Would love to see a chicken tackle a NYC cockroach....they'll also snap up mice (yes, eeww).