Thursday, December 31, 2009

RE-RE-RE-RE: The Decade to Come (Part 2)

  • Plastic containers that are not accepted anywhere in NYC for recycling (e.g., most take-out containers) by using them to sort and store: small REcovered hardware supplies such as nails, screws, tacks, nuts, bolts, mollies, etc. as well as miscellaneous REcovered desk supplies such as rubber bands, paper clips, pencils, etc. as seed-starting containers. I also plan to REuse some of them for indoor seed starting.
  • older appliances with energy efficient ones; we’ve been doing this but have a few more to go in our tenant apartments.
  •  older windows and exterior doors with new energy-saving windows and doors; we’ve been doing this, but have a few more to go in our tenant apartments and one in our own; there’s even a tax credit for this now!

Stay tuned for more REsolutions and some REmarkable Responses Received already!

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